About Us

iSearch Consulting is one of the Leading & Pioneer in Recruitment, Staffing and Outsourcing Services Company providing a wide range of services to clients in the Information Technology, Infrastructure, Retail, BFSI,Telecom, Manufacturing, and various horizontals and verticals since 2005 in Chennai. We have groomed ourselves into latest and long-lasting technologies, which leaded to have strong hold and faith in our business providing capable services to our client end on a gratifying performance.

iSearch Consulting customers have reaped benefits in the Process Outsourcing area, a glimpse of which can be had in the Case Studies page. We as a team proved and sustaining strong growth in all perspective and perception of the client needs that has accomplished and accompanied in all times. We follow unique strategies to hold up between the businesses by prioritizing equally and eventually which is benchmarked in our growth.We have spread our roots on various mastering verticals, mastered them on success, and embraced as a Key Business Activities / Core Business Areas. We partially stand by on the functions of the management.

We strongly believe that a successful long-term relationship holds definite advantage over a short- term stint. Hence for companies in search of the right talent, we have an ideal evaluation process which ensures that the candidate does not merely fit into the available role but also suits the larger interests of the organization, as a whole offering exceptional services on the recruitment front. We have an established presence in the country and our wide network ensures that we successfully source the right candidate for the right job in the right company.


iSearch Consulting specializes in providing a wide array of IT, ITES, Banking, Finance, Insurance,FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing etc., Placement, Consulting & Staffing Services to our Clients & Professionals worldwide. We work with large Global Corporations and New Generation Technology companies to build new products or services to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today’s dynamic digital age.

iSearch Consulting team is made up of highly-qualified, talented and innovative individuals with specific areas of expertise and experience. Our highly qualified, efficient and skilled HR professionals have been able to provide remarkable achievements to the candidates by recruiting them at the right places.

iSearch Consulting standby with, our Vision, Mission & Values that governs us for the betterment in our actions implied and incurred with self-motivation in the marathon of success.

We Master in the Verticals & Domains like

  • IT & Software
  • HR Management
  • ITES & BPO
  • Manufacturing & Production Industry
  • Retail
  • Semi Conductors
  • Logistics
  • ERP
  • Marketing & Sales
  • BFS & Insurance
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Embedded
  • Telecom

We will be a world class, globally respected diligence, providing the best solution with great people each committed in providing solutions, touching live….

To employ and gratify employees by offering the best possible quality service to our clients and to emerge as the top Clients-Centric and People-Centric Organization with Ethics and Values in whatever we undertake


  • We believe in commitment towards long-standing and meaningful relationships with everyone, whom we work-from valued clients to our effective resources and sources.
  • We believe in absolute confidentiality about the client information and expect the same from you about the prospective candidate.
  • To contribute in a wide range of specifications that is exchanged beyond time and space over global networks, which break down the boundaries among countries and regions, allowing individuals to be impartial in secured way.